Alghe Nori per Sushi

Alghe Nori per Sushi

Salsa Poke Kikkoman

In bottle 250 ml.
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The Kikkoman Poke Sauce is the ideal solution to prepare excellent perfect Poke Bowls.

This new culinary trend from Hawaii consists of a mix of raw fish and colorful vegetables with a touch of fresh and lively salsa.

This full-bodied sauce is made with naturally fermented soy sauce, toasted sesame oil, a dash of lemon juice and hot pepper.

Make a Hawaiian Poke Bowl at home by simply combining diced raw fish with other fresh salad ingredients and vegetables of your choice. Then season everything with this sauce and serve over rice.

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Codice Prodotto 11832
Marche Kikkoman
Provenienza Giappone
Tipo Salsa Poke

Salsa di Soia (acqua, soia, frumento, sale), acqua, zucchero, amido modificato, aceto di spirito, olio di sesamo tostato, succo di limone concentrato, sale, estratto di lievito, alghe marine in polvere, estratto di capiscum.

Peso Netto 250 ml.
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